What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a webpage that allows you to get hold of a visitor’s information through a lead form. A LPOgood landing page will be targeted to a specific group of audience. Generally, it is important to build unique landing page for each of the offers or promotions you create. Landing page is particularly suitable for free trials, free demos, free sample, contest, promotion and any paid offers for your products.


Why are Landing Pages Important?

Landing pages, which sometimes known as “lead capture pages” are crucial for effective lead generation. Optimizing landing page does not stop after writing good copy and structuring your forms well. A catching headline and caption will help to increase your overall Click-through rate(CTR). Many a time, a landing page can be used as a mean to know the detailed demographic information about your prospects. It can be used as the fuel for your next marketing campaign or other marketing channels.


What is Landing Page Optimization?

Landing Page Optimization or LPO aims to provide page content that makes it more appealing to target audiences.

Excellent landing page experience can help you gain the trust of your customers and keep them coming back to your site. Get more mileage out of your landing page by making it easier for visitors to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or do other things you want them to do on your website.

Often, the more visually appealing and professional a landing page is, the more believable and convincing it will appear. A good landing page is trustworthy. Support your offer with testimonials and case studies can help you to gain trust on your landing pages. Apart from that, some of the best practices includes a clear title, a structured layout with social sharing links to allow the visitors to spread the word about your offer.

Running pre-launching tests such as A/B test for different version of landing page is one of the commonly used methods to maximize leads. Some of the key elements tested in an A/B Test includes headline, form fields and call-to-action. A good A/B testing will be able to determine which ones result in Click-through rate(CTR) and higher conversion rates. This allows you to perform simple comparative campaign studies, allowing you to produce alternate designs and messaging and see which performs the best. Having a testing infrastructure in place is critical to being able to measure your success.

After each landing page campaign, hold a postmortem session to collectively analyze and agree on what worked and what didn’t. This can then be included into your best practices lists.


What we do?

  • Design the layout and make it easy for visitors to navigate and find your call-to-action
  • Ensure that your landing page is directly relevant to your target audience.
  • Improve your landing page experience by A/B testing.
  • Review and provide analytical support.