What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the business practice of sending an email to a list of people in the hopes of selling email_marketingthem a product or service.

But time has changed. Email is no longer a standalone marketing channel. Integrating email with social media marketing, web analytics and more has become a necessary capability for many email marketers. The age of hit and miss email marketing is over. It is time to take email marketing to the next level.


The new Email Marketing Strategy should focus on:
Sending relevant, targeted messages to all prospects and customers. Integrating email with content marketing is part of this holistic approach.

Your email newsletter should be considered as one of the key components of your overall content marketing strategy. Embrace the concepts of content marketing and your email marketing campaigns will flourish.


Why Email Marketing?

As a marketing director or a business owner, you are always looking for ways to close more sales and grow your business. You can adopt Email Marketing to

  • Follow up with new prospects
  • Nurture your new leads with engaging content
  • Send weekly tips and tricks of your industry
  • Deliver a monthly newsletter to your customers


What we do?

  • Help you to segment and target your email list
  • Create a customized HTML email template
  • Manage your email campaign
  • Setup Auto-responders
  • Monitor and analyze – we will tell you who has opened, clicked on your email blast so that you can follow up.