What are Custom Facebook Applications


Custom Facebook Applications are apps which can be used for your promotional campaigns, for instance:

Photo contest
Video contest
Coupon app
Sweepstakes app
E-mail sign-up app

Promotional campaigns are the proven way to engage fans and achieve results, regardless of whether you want to capture new leads, increase sales, or just generate word of mouth. With a ready template, you can swiftly and easily create and deploy your promotion across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Why Custom Facebook Application?

Lead Generation
1Heart will work with you to develop a Custom Facebook Application or transform your current Facebook Page into a full-fledged lead generation machine.

See How it Works

Take a look at some examples of Facebook Application

Drive traffic to your Facebook page by offering promotional coupon(s)! Convert visitors into fans of your Facebook page by rewarding them with an exclusive coupon/giveaway or an invitation to a special event.

  • Fan growth
  • Creating fan loyalty
  • Launch customizable calls-to-action with special offers (coupons, bar codes, or online promo codes)
  • Creating brand awareness when fans share the coupon
  • Collecting information about users who enter the promotion, like name, city of residence or email address

You only need 3 simple steps to create a Custom App:
1. Fangate Page
This is the page that non-fans will see- it is also the page where you first introduce the promotion. It allows you to convince non-fans with your marketing message and skills, and then give them the coupon once they become fans. For example:
Title: “Get $2 off your next cup of coffee!”

Description: “Would you like to get $2 off your next cup of coffee? Simple “Like” our “Crazy Coffee” app to get your hands on the coupon which you can redeem at our stores!”

2. Landing Page
This is the page that fans who have liked your page and app will see. Simply add an image with details of your offer such as the discount/ coupon code to use on your website or a printable area for users to print and bring to your store to redeem.

3. Share/Invite
This is the content that will be shown when fans click “Share”. Customize the title, text, image (reflected as a thumbnail) that gets posted to fans’ walls when they share your page. In this way your promotion campaign will become viral.

Create Buzz on Facebook
1Heart has everything you need to get your business on Facebook. Design your custom application, launch contests and sweepstakes. Learn more about 1Heart Custom Facebook Solution Today!