What is a Call-to-Action?

A Call-to-Action, or CTA, is a term commonly used in Internet Marketing. It refers to words that prompt call-to-actionthe readers or visitors to take an immediate action, such as Start Your Free 30-day Trial Buy Now and Save 25% or Download Free Sample. The ultimate goal of a Call-to-Action is to drive traffic to a landing page. An advertisement, a promotion or an offer without a clear Call-to-Action is considered incomplete and ineffective. Effective Call-to-Actions usually direct visitors to landing pages, where you can gather valuable contact information in exchange for an offer of some kind, which result in more leads and conversions.


How to make Call-to-Actions effective?

A Call-to-Action should clearly describe what the offer is. It’s a best practice to make Call-to-Action catching, precise and disclosing some details that will encourage visitors to take action. Generally, color matters. Contrasting, strong colors will result in better click-through rates. Other things to be taken into account includes the overall flow of page and messaging. Typically, in order to capture the maximum amount of traffic, we recommend having more than one Call-to-Action on your page. One at the early portion, one at the middle, and one near the end of the page.


What we do?

At 1Heart, we work closely with you to create effective Call-to-Actions, placing them strategically on your pages, testing and tracking their performance. We optimize your Call-to-Actions by highlighting the benefit, conveying optimum value, creating a sense of urgency and making it noteworthy through success stories and testimonials.

A good Call-to-Action should answer the question “What is in it for me?”. An excellent Call-to-Action will bring you closer to your prospect. It marks the beginning of a new customer journey with your brand.