7 reason to use wordpress

Critical reasons to use Word Press to build your website

Critical reasons to use Word Press to build your website

Word Press was launched solely in 2003. Since then, it’s mature into one amongst the foremost widespread CMS or Content Management Systems within the entire world. In fact, therefore, widespread has Word Press become that it currently supports over seventy-four million websites around the world. Word Press is such a robust tool in internet style likewise as for selling functions. Therefore, if you have got not switched to Word Press, the subsequent reasons or advantages ought to win over you to try to simply that today.


Blogging and launching a replacement e-commerce business have simply become abundant easier and easier with the free-to-use Word Press. Even once your e-commerce business becomes one amongst the foremost widespread on the web, you may not get to pay something for exploitation Word Press.


Word Press is one amongst the foremost versatile CMS tools within the market these days. It offers users tier of skilfulness that’s laborious to urge with different tools. Word Press has in-depth options additionally to extensions that build it versatile and versatile for no matter you would like to use it to accomplish.

Search engine friendly

Some of the largest search engines in the world appear to own a bias towards websites that Word Press powers. this can be as a result of Word Press has AN easy-to-crawl framework, so giving search engines a better time inquiring websites before computer program optimization (SEO) ranking.

Safety and security

The Word Press code undergoes constant upgrading all the time to form it as safe and secure as doable for the sake of users. This can be as a result of it enjoys unequalled quality, so creating it a target for hacking and cyber criminals.


Customizing websites engineered on Word Press is simple thanks to the various themes and plugins that it’s. Word Press is replete with all kinds of options that provide internet designers the platform through that to form the type of website that their shoppers need.

Easy usage

Word Press is way easier to use. You’ll learn Word Press simply and quick. Learning the way to use it’ll solely take you a number of minutes, that part explains why the 5-Minute install mantra has created Word Press widespread around the world.

Mobile friendly

Web sites got to notice ways in which of accommodating tablets and smartphones. A method of doing this can be for the websites to be mobile-friendly. Word Press blogs and websites square measure mobile-friendly. The themes out there in Word Press square measure responsive, thus, good for making mobile-friendly sites.


Word Press integrates with different platforms simply. It’s the proper selection for somebody UN agency wishes to include email selling campaigns to spice up the recognition of his website. Word Press is that the best in desegregation with services like Mail Chimp and Webber.

Easy management

Word Press notifies users whenever new updates for plugins and themes square measure out there. The regular updates build it abundant easier to manage any website that you just style exploitation Word Press. With such updates, you may have an internet site that is still contemporary and safe all the time.

Therefore, these few reasons ought to win over you of the importance of planning your website or diary exploitation Word Press. After all, Word Press can provide you with a lot of options and advantages than you’ll hope to seek out with different tools.

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